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Lucy Burningham is a writer who fell hopelessly in love with beer. Propelled by a curiosity and a thirst for knowledge about her favorite drink, she set out to become a beer expert. My Beer Year is what happened when she did.

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Lucy’s work has been published in The New York Times, Wall Street Journal,
Bicycling, Saveur, Sunset, Men’s Journal, Imbibe, and the BBC.

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Lucy helps brands and organizations connect with consumers through
compelling copy and the power of storytelling.

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Weather report from Mount Hood today: totally perfect.

Oh I love when a beer makes me think about nature and science, and the art of blending and fermenting. Can I introduce you to @logsdonfarmhouseales Sn4 Cuvee? This beer was spontaneously fermented, which means the brewers didn't add any yeast or bacteria to it. Instead they let those kinds of invisible bugs land in the wort to ferment the liquid and transform it into beer. They aged the beer in wine barrels, then split the batch in two. One got Grenache grapes. One got Syrah grapes. Eventually they blended the two batches. The result is this daring beer-wine hybrid. Get yourself to @tinbucketpdx to try this beer, which was made to celebrate their 4th anniversary. Let me know if you think it's magic, too. ✨ #craftbeer #beer #fermentation #lambic #oregonbeer #mybeeryear #craftnotcrap #instabeer #beerstagram #cicerone #logsdon #winegrapes

Thinking of relocating to Forest Park until the smoky air clears. Will someone bring me beer?

Crispy lawn. Luscious plums.

What are you drinking to quench your thirst on these hot days? This cucumber berliner weisse from @oakbrew is hitting the spot. Thanks to @matthallartpdx for the recommendation! 🙌🏼 #beerme #craftbeer #oregonbeer #oakshirebrewing #craftnotcrap #instabeer #beer #mybeeryear #beerstagram

Lunch views. #portland

Pictures can not capture how much joy this hike brought me. O and I ran around barefoot on rocks and created challenging stream crossings for ourselves. The only reason we came back to civilization was because we ran out of food and water. 😬 Next time I'm packing heavy. 🍌🍒🥖🧀🍪🥜💧

Oh look! It's my brother out doing his thing. #sup



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