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Lucy Burningham is a writer who fell hopelessly in love with beer. Propelled by a curiosity and a thirst for knowledge about her favorite drink, she set out to become a beer expert. My Beer Year is what happened when she did.

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Lucy’s work has been published in The New York Times, Wall Street Journal,
Bicycling, Saveur, Sunset, Men’s Journal, Imbibe, and the BBC.

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Lucy helps brands and organizations connect with consumers through
compelling copy and the power of storytelling.

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Living my best life, even when the beer is served in plastic.

Nothing gets in the way of his pursuit of fun: not minor injuries, sunblock in his eyes, big crashes, cold hands, bright sun, me putting my heels down when we share the sled. He’s all in, every time. Feeling grateful for our friends here who’ve taken us in so many times this year, so we could find our joy again and again.

I don’t know about you, but I’m counting down the days til the solstice, when the light returns. In the meantime, let’s drink beers that look like this! 🖤

I love returning to this island. Yesterday the air was smoke free, and everything felt clean and light.

Grateful for so many things and if I listed them you’d cry and maybe groan and possibly laugh, so instead I’ll just say this: my kiddo brings me so much joy. He teaches me the most important lessons about what it means to be alive. Yes, he’s holding an apple stuck with gummy bears on toothpicks, because it’s a holiday and my sister-in-law is a wonderful host.

I can’t let go of a dream I had a few weeks ago. He and I were on a cliff by the ocean, and the earth below our feet broke off in a chunk. We started flying on our island over the coastline. I was terrified. He was thrilled, delighted by the ride, laughing at our unexpected situation. In the end, we landed gently in a field. This is our life: he reminds me every day to be joyful and to let go of my fear of the unknown. There is no destination or predictable outcome, but we fly together.

Big thanks to @modernadventurists for featuring my story and beer drinking tips in their October issue! Link in bio.
Pop quiz! Name the drink. (Spoiler: it's beer.) Beer is on our mind lately. It always is. For our October issue of MO/AD magazine, we asked a certified cicerone – something akin to a "beer sommelier" – to show us how to drink like a pro.  Portland-based Lucy Burningham (@lucyburningham) wrote about her study/travel program to become a cicerone in her illuminating, fun book "MY BEER YEAR." And, in her article for us, she tells us the FIRST thing to do when drinking beer and shares when is the earliest part of day that it's OK to drink one. (Earlier than you think.) Read her article and watch our new "Talking & Drinking" video series with her on our website. Follow the link in our bio!

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Best beer program with a view goes to @altabirapdx. Amirite, Portland??



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