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Lucy Burningham is a writer who fell hopelessly in love with beer. Propelled by a curiosity and a thirst for knowledge about her favorite drink, she set out to become a beer expert. My Beer Year is what happened when she did.

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Lucy’s work has been published in The New York Times, Wall Street Journal,
Bicycling, Saveur, Sunset, Men’s Journal, Imbibe, and the BBC.

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Lucy helps brands and organizations connect with consumers through
compelling copy and the power of storytelling.

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Gratuitous shot of summer in a glass @aviarypdx. The days are getting shorter. Get it. 📷: @mark.royer

Went local today when, from the California side of this gorgeous lake, I drank a @firestonewalker beer. Then I ate an avocado. 🥑

His fearlessness always astounds me. He was pretty much like “get out of my way mom, I’m going to go teach myself how to do this new thing.” And he did. Thanks to @mausjuli and @bikeportland for making us part of their family today!

I’ve been coming here almost every summer since who knows when. The lake changes: the water level and clarity, the types of storms, the intensity of the sunsets. But it’s still the same lake and the same sun. This is why we return to places, to mark the passage of time and say yes to change. This year I’m saying it with all my heart. YESSSSS! ❤️

Celebrated peak summer last night with some incredible women + food + this beer.

Fantastic day with my #1 heartbreaker/heartbender/heartexpander. ❤️ Volcanic crater, rope swings into the river, and plenty of fart jokes. Also, I love that he calls me out for telling the same bad jokes too many times. #fairenough

Sitting in one of my favorite backyards, hoping no one sets the forest on fire. 🔥💥🇺🇸Drinking a bunch o good beer, including this gem from @deschutesbeer. Gueuze inspired. Oak. Blended. Yup. #beertastesbetteroutside

Alert, alert! There’s a new beer style hitting PDX and you’re gonna want to try it. Brut IPAs are light and bone dry, and I throughly enjoyed this one at @baerlicbrewing (collab with @migrationbrewing). Get yo self over there to try the Hi-Li! Let me know what you think.



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