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Lucy Burningham is a writer who fell hopelessly in love with beer. Propelled by a curiosity and a thirst for knowledge about her favorite drink, she set out to become a beer expert. My Beer Year is what happened when she did.

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Lucy’s work has been published in The New York Times, Wall Street Journal,
Bicycling, Saveur, Sunset, Men’s Journal, Imbibe, and the BBC.

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Lucy helps brands and organizations connect with consumers through
compelling copy and the power of storytelling.

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I finally made it to @littlebeastbeergarden! Portland, we’re lucky to welcome this place to our beer universe. The beers are brilliant. The menu, divine. The outdoor space, lovely. I knew @foodshed and @littlebeast_brewmaster would deliver the good stuff. They’re unstoppable!

When running across the St. John’s bridge this morn, I saw a cop standing in the middle of the bridge by his vehicle. Fleet week ships were moving out, he said. All bridges were closed. Sure enough, we were the only people on the bridge.
“Can I run down the middle of the road like a champion?” I asked.
“Sure,” he said.
“First I’m going to take a picture.”
“Nope, you’ve got to get off this bridge.”
So I ran down the middle of the road, whooping and yelling like I owned the bridge and the river and the clouds. Then I turned around and took this picture. 😁
I love running across bridges, and I’ll probably never get this exact view ever again. It was magical. ✨

To celebrate the end of first grade, we tucked into a booth at one of our favorite places to rejoice with pizza, chilled cucumber soup, my mom, and ice cream with sprinkles. Silently I said: thank you thank you thank you. He’s thriving despite a year of difficult change. Thank you to everyone who helped us get here. Your love runs deep. 💞

When everyone wants your attention, but you have other things to do. #mood

Hanging out with my boo @ellee.thalheimer. We hiked and drank beer and caused some mayhem! Just another Friday night in WA.

Hiked to a four-volcano view with these heartbreakers. Didn’t get eaten by a cougar on my trail run. And now I get to drink as much BEER as I want. Today was a good day.

Beauty around every corner. And crepes. #paris

The bistro ritual speaks to me: the service, the pace, the food. I lunched alone yesterday (this was course one) and watched people coming and going from the metro station across the street. Eating my way through this glorious city. Slowly. #paris



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